Sunday, November 17, 2013

Function in Cyberspace

After watching that vid on hidden gun safes, I stared looking around the web for a new safe for myself, if I decide to buy one and not make one, and I ran across this. The first thing I want to say is: I love this site! It's really cool and so easy to use. Let's look at how the space is used well and it's very functional while looking good at the same time.

Firstly, when you hit the home page, you get a nice intro with a teaser of the really cool chart/table resting at the bottom of the page, or as blogger say, above the fold. What's cool about that? It doesn't waste any space. You get to know what the site is basically about, and then you can see where to go next, which is scroll through the chart.

The chart is great. It gives you the basics of each gun safe, and you can sort it by a few different variables. It really helps you narrow down the items that you want to research more. Then, it also has more detailed reviews of the safe in post form. So, after yo find out what safes interests you from the chart, you can read about those particular ones in more details. Basically the site starts big and naturally narrows down leading you to the safe of your choice.

The rest of the design in nice and functional too. It doesn't waste any space with social icons and instead uses a plug in to float them in the margin. The other margin golds the post links and a cool little floating ad for a popular safe. Once yo get into a post the site has easy navigation that leads you the the previous or next post. This navigation is also out of the way and in the margin.

It's a really nice looking site and it's easy to get around. It's not heavy with extras and it's not confusing. You can basically get in with a broad idea of what you want and within a matter of minutes be reading about the details of one particular safe. I guess you can have form and function in the virtual world as well as the physical.

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